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Smashwords book reviews by The Book Worm

  • Ice Blue on April 09, 2011
    (no rating)
    Ice Blue by Emma Jameson was a fabulous book, one that I am incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to read! The characters and storyline in Ice Blue are very well developed without making you feel like you’re bogged down in irrelevant details. Ms. Jameson did a great job of introducing you to the players in the book and keeping the story moving. Not once did I feel compelled to ‘skim’ a portion or get bored with the book. It is chock full of the British humor that I adore with a thorough dousing of witty, often hilarious, dialogue that anyone can appreciate. Lord Anthony Hetheridge and Kate Wakefield are your ideal protagonist team, with Deepal “Paul” Bhar adding to the enjoyment. These three had me fully entertained and enthralled during the entire story! Hetheridge comes across as perhaps a bit standoffish and even cold, which could be expected from someone of his background. You end up realizing that he most certainly isn’t what he seems! Kate…Oh Kate! She is a fiesty gal that says what is on her mind and ‘shoots from the hip’ so to speak. From their professional lives to the descriptions of their personal lives, I just didn’t want any of them to be out of the scene. I am anxiously awaiting other installments in this series! All of the characters, including the snotty ones that are too numerous to list, were described so clearly and accurately that I found myself able to easily associate them with someone that I’ve met before. With the exception of one, of course, none of the antagonists were evil or sickening. Quite simply, they are miserable people that lack in love but have plenty of troubles with finances and knowing whom to trust. Ice Blue by Emma Jameson is a fast-paced mystery that I enjoyed and would recommend to anyone hoping for a great read. It is appropriate for many audiences as it is ‘clean’; sans vulgar language and/or adult scenes. ~The Book Worm Read more reviews, get great recommendations or post your own ratings and reviews at
  • Time Standing Still on April 11, 2011
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    "Time Standing Still is a diverse and intriguing collection of short stories. Farrell focuses mainly on the tough times that can be experienced life – true life obstacles to which readers can relate, but she also tells one story of fictional horror. Readers will experience sadness, compassion, hope, fear, revulsion, and maybe even some happiness – I did. In her note to readers, Farrell writes, “…though my stories might not be light and airy tales of joy”, I think this is what I liked most about her stories. I don’t want short, sweet happy endings, especially with a short story. Farrell’s stories will make you think, they’ll make you feel, they’ll even make you remember in some instances – the characters in these stories don’t feel fictional; they feel like old friends or family members. I can go on with these stories in my mind and build further lives and outcomes for the characters and it was refreshing to read something that did feel so real; something that didn’t end with the perfect solution – wrapped up tightly with a fancy bow. I’m not going to review/summarize the stories separately here because the author has done that quite well at the beginning of her book. Additionally, I cannot pick a favorite – I tried; simply cannot do it! I enjoyed each story in a different way and I connected to the stories in different ways." Written by a member of The Book Worms admin-team.