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  • Hometown Prophet on June 20, 2012
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    Hometown Prophet by Jeff Fulmer is a story set in Nashville about a down and out character – out of a job, living with his mother, sour at life and at God... who starts having prophetic dreams... a flood, an economic crisis, an industrial disaster... as well as a few more personal ones. Once it becomes clear that they are actually coming true, he tries to get the warnings out to those concerned. And while a few close associates rally around, Peter, the main character, experiences a fair share of abuse from acquaintances, some local churches and the secular media. While not a great work of literature – it's got that certain something (whatever it is) that marks it as "too Christiany" – it is a fast, absorbing read, and I thought it gave a pretty good picture of how a prophet might fare in today’s power-, money- and media-driven society.