The Coyote


During the 1980s while performing the rock opera, COYOTE IN A GRAVEYARD, Richard Del Connor become nicknamed by the newspapers and other performing rock bands such as The Cult and Michael J. Fox as, "The Coyote."

This became the rock'n'roll name and professional photographer byline of Richard Connor until 2007 when he upgraded to "The Hippy Coyote" of American Zen, America's first Buddhist rock band™.

From 1990 to 2008, Coyote composed, performed, and recorded albums under several other names including Rory G, Tom Calder, Steve Hixon, and as a recording engineer, Don delaVega.

The Coyote has decided to simplify his life and only operate under three names:

bassist, drummer, guitarist (acoustic, slide, and electric), flutist, singer, songwriter, composer, lyricist, poet, screenplay writer, and performer of American Zen or THC The Hippy Coyote.

record producer, movie producer, screenplay writer, poet, and American philosopher. Richard Del Connor is also Masonic legal name. "Del" is the middle name given to him by his father, Adalberto Connor, whose name had been shortened to Del Connor.

Zhen Shen-Lang (last name first) "True Spirit Wolf" composes all Kung Fu, Tai Chi and meditation music used also for Yoga and aerobics classes. Buddha Zhen teaches and performs percussion, Chinese drumming, pipa, tenor ukulele, bass ukulele and variety of flutes including Chinese bamboo flutes and Japanese shakuhachi. Kung Fu Shifu and Tai Chi Master teaches Shaolin Kung Fu, and is nonfiction author of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Zen Buddhist manuals, lecturer, and poetry calligrapher.

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