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I am a hopeful author, but not a polished nor published one. I voraciously devour books and then opine on them! (Which is not to say my opinion should be taken any more seriously than the next!)

I am a graphic designer as well as a barista, and I have a love of drawing. It is my hope that if I do not have written words published here, that I can find a way to publish my comics through smashwords.

Happy to read your stories, happy to share my thoughts on them!

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  • The Labyrinth of the Dead on Sep. 12, 2011

    This is the first story by Harvey that I have read, and I would be pleased and anxious to read further ones. Labyrinth of the Dead holds no punches. We begin in media res and are running throughout the entire tale. Our protagonist, fierce and intense serves as an interesting guide through the world of the dead. The visual imagery is luscious and a sense of immediacy soaks the world. From the moment the reader joins the tale, to the moment we leave, the intent is to find a lost love. And what greater purpose is there than that? My only complaint would be that I entered this story expecting it to be a standalone unit. It appears to be part of a set of stories, and in that context some of the lack of worldbuilding makes a bit more sense. A worthwhile read for fantasy fans.