Prudence Reid


I'm a mother of four boys, a writer, a wife, a cleaner, a food obsessed good cook and bad cook,

I'm a good friend, a feel good friend, a real friend and sometimes a tough friend,

I'm a lover of open spaces, anything crafty, all florals, vintage clothes, horseriding, dogs and cats,

I'm a taxi driver, a nasty disciplinarian, a self esteem builder, overthinker, affection giver and bottom smacker.

I'm a trained primary school teacher, commerce degree holder, marketer, entertainer, bitchface realist,

I'm an obsessive gardener, strawberry picker, fresh egg collector and bush turkey basher

I'm a job jumper, not a bed maker, long bath taker, cake cooker, pancake maker and having an affair with my dishwasher.

I'm a lover of latest fashions, conversations with Richard Fidler, the beach and the old bloke who lives next door.

I'm a divorcee extraordinaire, financial controllor, motivational speaker, bit of a blogger, tweet novice, social butterfly, wild flirt and peace keeper.

I'm an emotional wreck or wise old owl depending on the time of the month,

I'm a teeth cleaner, nappy changer, bottom patter, lullaby singer, teenage talker, hip hopper, groovy dancer, sunglasse wearer, pram pusher, morning walker, laugh out louder, food in the teether, proud wrinkle owner and saggy bum holder.

I am the author of The Dress Shop and I have been blissfully blown away by the positive feedback since it's release in 2012.

On a more serious and boring note, writing began for me in my formative teenage years as a tool to make sense of my world. To understand it and accept it. And, just like in my life, humour found its way onto the page pretty quickly. Laughter is definitely my favourite medicine. Writing brings a joy and calm to me I can't explain.

'The Dress Shop' was inspired by my one day a week job in a Mosman boutique, not long after my marriage ended. I learnt more about life and myself in that shop than I ever expected.

I write when I can because I love it. Actually the book was a labour of love in the true sense, written over a period of six years. It began as a personal goal and publishing was the last thing on my mind, but as time went on it grew and took on a life of its own.

I am back to printer regularly and the word of mouth continues to drive the demand ( Please check the 'Where to buy' section of my website to find a location nearby.) Essentially this novel has a broad audience, all mothers, grandmothers, divorcees, single women and anyone who is looking for an enjoyable read with a lot of laughter, a little bit of sadness and some interesting insight into the society we live in. I hear husbands are also enjoying it.

Thank you for reading.

P.s If you have a spare minute please jump on or or amazon and leave a review of The Dress Shop to help get the ebook version of The Dress Shop moving......Or better still recommend it to your friends. x


The Dress Shop
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 102,540. Language: English. Published: July 23, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
The Dress Shop is a story about Veronica Ryan, dressologist extraordinaire and empathetic companion to cash registers everywhere. Recently divorced from her handsome, funny, socially acceptable husband she embarks on her own journey to find lasting love and real meaning to life; Ronnie’s is a tale of joyous self-discovery.

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