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  • The Book of Lost Souls on May 31, 2011

    Michelle is a genius when it comes to keeping her readers entertained. I started the book late one night thinking I’ll read a tiny chapter then pick it up the next day when I wasn’t so groggy from lack of sleep. Wrong thing to do. I started the first chapter and ended up reading halfway through the book. I truly enjoyed the uniqueness of Ivy’s predicament. Ivy, the main character, had me giggling and hurting right along with her. Ivy’s story - her life that was written by Michelle was enchanting and created a tale that had the best of a normal teen and a ‘kindred’ teen. Kindreds were anything that was supernatural in The Book of Lost Souls. Michelle beautifully created a cast full of troubled, evil and good characters including a poor little lizard known as Spike when in human form. Beware Spike isn’t a shape shifter. He’s the poor thing that started a series of chain of events that changed Ivy’s life forever. Spoiler Alert! Imagine if superanaturals were real but humans didn’t know or pretended they weren’t around. Now picture a room full of kindreds and regulars. How would you feel when you watched a senile werewolf coming through the front door at a party for kids carrying a femur bone that he dug up out of a graveyard? When the above scene happened, I knew I was in for one wild ride throughout the rest of the book.
  • Raven on June 03, 2011

    Raven is a spine tingling teen (YA) paranormal story with several different twists and turns. I was honestly pleased with all the unique elements within the story that was written by Suzy Turner. Her writing style, effort to entertain, and create a mind boggling adventure truly has paid off in this debut story. Many times as I read, I was wowed. A lot of the elements or even simple little pieces Suzy wrote I never read or remember reading anything similar. Raven was a refreshing read. The plot moved quickly and the characters were engaging even diabolical in some cases. I loved that it had good and bad characters. A paranormal story isn’t good unless it has both and I loved the wicked side of the ones who caused the main character, Lilly, pain. Because without them Lilly’s life would not have been as adventurous or intriguing. For those who enjoy YA paranormals with love, mystery and a somewhat dark twisty plot then Raven should be on your to-read list!
  • Anathema (Causal Enchantment, #1) on June 12, 2011

    Anathema has a little bit of everything wrapped up inside a fast-paced paranormal romance. Want an Urban Fantasy or how about a touch of magic? Well in one book you have many fantasy elements to choose from -witches, werebeasts, vampires and etcetera. The characters were well rounded and the plot left me hungry to know more. Thankfully, this book is the beginning of a series! It’s not your typical sweet vampire romance. There are dark and twisty elements that make this feel a lot like the scary stuff we watched on TV when our parents weren’t looking. However, those dark elements added to the story and made it feel unique. There was one line in the beginning that really showed the true nature of the vampires and beasts in the book… He gripped the window frame in anticipation, watching the beasts’ mammoth hooves trotting toward the man’s limp body, seconds away from squashing his head as if it were a ripe melon… Would I recommend this book? YES. Why? Because of everything I wrote above. Would I read it again? YES. Probably several times to make sure I caught everything.