The Haunted Rose


Little red rose petals painted black faded, decaying drooping with slack always beautiful once bloomed and born but also dark from stem to thorn around the flower lurks ghosts from the past haunting and taunting how long will this last little haunted rose petals floating free through my soul becoming me...

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  • The New Death and Others on Nov. 23, 2011

    The New Death and Others is a collection of some entertaining short stories and poems. I could tell I was reading something that took alot of thought and talent because I laughed out loud several times to the point where my librarian told me to shut up. I would like to tell you my viewers about the most ironic funny ones. The End- This one had me laughing becuase what are the odds of 2 vampires, a succumbus, a demon, and a regenerate coagulate rage of murdered children on a camping trip together? They all come to the conclusion of what if all the humans are wiped out? And I thought to myself It's probably true seeing as how I'm a demon too. How the Isle of Cats Got It's Name- This is one of my favorites mainly because I love cats and I love how the sly and smug Artemisia is. I was sad towards the end becuase of the Kitty Killer Harp (read to find out), but the smug Artemisia won at the end at the wizard Abi-simti's demise. The Doom That Was Laid Upon Fame- I absolutely love how he uses gods and goddesses names and characteristics to make a story in this one. My favorite part was "You know how Pestilence and War and Fame and I are the 4 riders of the Apocalypse. Well he's the fifth. His name is Lawyers." Everlasting Fire- This one was the funniest and most ironic. A ironic punisher is punished because of her own lust even though she scourges the lustful. Rumpelstiltskin- A gnome who has the power to spin bullshit into gold becomes a consultant. The moral of the story ends up being if you can't do anything else, get into politics. Now if you still don't think this story is worth the read then here is a little teaser poem. If My Life Was Filmed If my life was filmed, it would go straight to DVD and someone who was famous once would have the role of me and if five stars meant 'excellent' you'd give it two or three and most of those who rented it would watch ironically. Years later they would track me down and do an interview. They'd say "I heard you died," and I'd say "Yeah, I heard that too." "Is any of it fictional?" "Perhaps a scene or two. There weren't as many ninjas, but the rest is mostly true."