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Smashwords book reviews by Vanessa Hamlin

  • Dark Twisted Tales on Dec. 30, 2011

    Dark Twisted Tales is a quick read novella consisting of five separate and unrelated stories. The title of the novella is quite apropos for the tales inside. I would not stick this novella in the category of horror, but the tales a definitely creepy reads. I was able to read the entire novella in about two hours. With it consisting of five stories I would recommend this as travel read. I love to read this type of book while traveling via airplane. The lengths of the stories are perfect for waiting for the other travelers to board the plane or while waiting at a short layover. I travel by plane often and I look for this specific type of book to travel with. Inside the Envelope gives readers a glimpse into how past deeds have a way of finding you not only when you least expect it, but also by the method of delivery. The Maple Tree is the sad tale of the bunch. Kyle and his mother are running from an evil in their lives. Being the new kid at school and eager to make new friends Kyle never questions some of the oddities about his new friend Johnny, or perhaps it is just the naiveté of a young teen. Johnny is a good friend though and there for Kyle when he needs him. Lured was my least favorite of the group. I think it shows that perhaps you should sometimes ignore the things you think you may see. Chasing the things that your overactive imagination allows you to see can often lure you to trouble. A Cute Little House with one very creepy room! The potential new renter gets a little more than she ever dreamed possible while checking out her little fixer upper rental property. A Matter of Conscience… yeah sometimes that voice in your head NEEDS to be ignored. A gentleman who has lost his job and continues to watch his life spiral down the toilet there after learned that lesson the hard way.
  • Cat's First Kiss on March 09, 2012

    Cat’s First Kiss is an awesome little short story that Stephanie has given her fans, people like me that are just dying to get their hands on Cat and Tivr’s story. It is a sweet tale that let’s readers know some of the effects of Cat absorbing Lucy’s powers. Her loved ones have noticed how it has changed her. They are worried about her. Cat and Tivr have small roles in many of Stephanie’s books across the different series.