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L. M. Warren is a freelance writer, humorist, novelist, and prophet. “Real Estate in Deltosa” was published in Chimeraworld #6.

His published novels include The End of the Magical Kingdom series, Attempted Rapture, Raining Cats and Dogs and Cry On Cue. The author was originally born in Los Angeles, California before moving to Texas, right in the dreadful “tornado alley.” There, he squandered his youth by studying Journalism, Religion and Law rather than cavorting about with his playmates.

What does L. M. Warren stand for, anyway? Why of course, the Late Mitchell Warren. So is he alive or dead? Not dead yet. He explained the idea of “The Late Mitchell Warren” to a reporter back in 2007.

“I was inspired by one of Sidney Poitier’s speeches. At a tribute show to his career, he started thanking several deceased friends referring to each one as ‘The Late…’  I thought, what a grand thing it would be to be known as someone ‘late.’  However, my real name didn’t have quite the impact that I hoped.  Hence, I chose Mitchell Warren as a pseudonym.  Mitchell sounded like Michael, my middle name. As for the name Warren, it seemed to represent my personality and life thus far; one marked by warring and civil unrest.”

For a time, Warren was a practicing minister at a local church in DFW. He fondly recalls giving religious sermons to the congregations that can best be described as “avant-garde.” Explains the exiled holy man, “I intentionally made my sermons very uncomfortable to hear. They offended many members of the audience, not only because they took on the sensibilities of a novel, but also because they charted into previously unexplored territories of truth and illusion. It was clearly my first mis-marketed attempt at writing. Congregations don’t want Art. They want definitions of Truth.”

Warren explains he is accustomed to being the “lone wolf”, in most of his storytelling endeavors – the tortured artist who captivates his audience but never actually gets invited to all the Capote-esque after show parties.  His tendency to withdraw from groups naturally drew him to his target audience of anti-socials, outliers and ageless Orwellian types. “I grew up lacking a strong base of friends and writing so was my outlet for excess energy and booming creativity. The first works I ever wrote as a child and read aloud were either praised for being unusually realistic, or criticized for being too disturbing.”

Some critics of Warren say it seems as if he can’t decide whether to hurt someone’s feelings or make them belly laugh. An antagonistic writer in soul, he strikes at the heart and tickles the funny bone – all the while poking people with uncomfortable truth, from every side, and from multiple points of view. “I do tend to challenge my reader,” Warren says, “because I believe the Writer has an obligation to be a Teacher, not just an Entertainer. Mainly, my motivation is to help open the minds and hearts of people just a little bit more. We need more tolerance, more deep thinking, and yes, more revolution in our society.”

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