Im from South Cali, USA but moved to "sunny" Southend, UK about 4 years ago.
Im a bit nuts, Who am I kidding? I'm totally nuts! But in a fun way, I never stop, or slow down :) always looking for something mad to do next, from jetsking (I almost drown doing this aged 14) jumping off brigdes (see pic) or other crazy extreme stuff.
I love to surf, and love the beach, the ones here are a bit rubbish really, and I soo miss going out and riding the wake. LONG Beach RULES!!!! :)
I also love skating, on ice or my blades, i don't care :) i can land a double axle on ice and a backflip on a 1/2 pipe ;) i have twisted my ankle acouple times and had a concussion from my skating.
I'm a 2nd Kup!!!!! :D
Gucci!!! I love Gucci, I go mad all the time and buy new stuff from them... Some call me "high-maintenance" because of this. But it does help with my job. ;)

Test... "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo" if you understand, then you're cool!


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  • Hypnosister on May 17, 2013

    i just read this... its got me wet and im not even bi!