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Throughout my career, I have focused my energies and attention on understanding and addressing the needs, wants and challenges of the Baby Boom generation for a variety of national and international organizations.

For the past 15 years, I have homed in on elder care and end of life issues.

That experience combined with four specific events drove me to write this book:

1. Over the last ten years, I have been interviewing hundreds
of Baby Boomers to determine the perceptions, attitudes and
mindset that this unique generation brings to the various
decisions at the end of life. One clear message is that
Boomers do not want their kids to suffer through the same
frustrations, arguments and unpleasant surprises that they
experienced in their parents’ last chapter of life.

2. In 2005, the Terri Schiavo case captured the attention (and
heartstrings) of the world, especially the tug of war
between Terri’s husband and her parents over what she
wanted done at the end of her life.

3. Concurrently, over the last five years, I have experienced,
through the rapidly declining health of my own parents, the
escalating frustrations and financial crises that lack of
communication can create.

4. Finally, for the Baby Boomers, there is a Perfect Storm
that has been brewing in geriatric care in recent years and
it’s scheduled to hit the Boomers just as they reach 65.

- More: 65+ population will grow 60% between now and
- Longer: Today’s 65 year old will live for another 18.5
- Fewer: Supply of primary care physicians as well as
geriatric doctors and nurses is declining

Boomers and their families need to start preparing. They should start having the Other Talk now, then keep on talking.

This book is the catalyst that can get you there!

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