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Robb Harrell is an accomplished sales executive; self-help author and motivational coach with a passion for seeing people live out their visions and experience their best versions of themselves. His meteoric rise from suicidal addict and homeless hooligan to polished corporate executive responsible for millions of dollars in sales each year came quickly after his revolting discovery of a life-changing mental pattern (called the "breakthrough" pattern) that combines thinking and action in a way that would deliver accelerated results and lift his self esteem to the highest levels.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Robert Harrell started his career as an aspiring hip hop musician who hung out at malls, night clubs, concerts and industry events between Ventura, CA and Atlanta, GA performing, selling his music hand to hand and sharpening his relationship building skills. He developed his own effective sales pitch, formed his own company, and eventually peddled enough copies of his personally produced album to land a joint venture recording contract. His world came crashing down when his investor and parent company axed its urban music division and abandoned his project. Jolted by seeing his lifelong dream shattered, he took years trying to land another record deal until he eventually found himself penniless, homeless, overweight and with addictions and harmful habits he carried from his former life in the music industry culture.

Without hope and with a pregnant girlfriend soon to bring his child into the world, Robb decided that he didn't want to be a negative example to his daughter and no longer could accept being a failure. One evening as he quietly plotted out taking his own life; his mother could tell something was wrong. She handed him a small tattered book that she kept to herself for motivation to overcome her personal obstacles in life. After digesting the book several times, and intrigued by the hidden "secret" contained within it, Napoleon Hill's You Can Work Your Own Miracles would inspire him to use his own life as a guinea pig to study and test out the theories and philosophies of the world's most exceptional business, spiritual and motivational voices. Realizing that most people struggle with staying fired up long enough to finish their goals, Robb sought to find out what advice could help keep him motivated long enough to finish his set goals versus what information just gave a temporary emotional boost. Seven years later after many trials and tribulations, on a path that would lead to the study of everything from business and finance to secret societies and spirituality, he would uncover a thinking pattern that allowed him to not only remain motivated for long enough but would also accelerate his successful results in a shockingly fast way.

By aligning the knowledge he learned with these newly discovered thought combination recipes, Robb would go on to conquer his weight problem (loosing over 40 pounds), successfully overcame his addictions, land a six-figure job in the technology industry, purchase the exact car he wanted, purchase a home, and live the vision he had for himself.

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Accelerate Your Breakthrough In Life - 3 STEPS TO QUICKLY "TURN ON" YOUR UNLIMITED POWER
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Aren't You Tired Of Watching Others Be More Successful Than You? How To Accelerate Your Breakthrough outlines an easy to follow 3 - step pattern of thinking that re-programs your mind, awakens your inner passions, and speeds up your physical activities towards your chosen goal.

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