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  • In the Blood on June 02, 2012

    REVIEW FOR IN THE BLOOD... George Washington Skipper is the unlikely hero of this fascinating story by Scott Skipper. Set mainly in the American Civil War, In The Blood follows George Washington Skipper through thick and thin and those of us who knew rather too little before about this time in American history were thoroughly educated on the subject by the end of the war. Scott tells the story through Washington (as most call him), a most colourful character and one whose impulses guide him far more than his intellect, although Washington is by no means a simpleton and is in many ways a wiley hero with a definite penchant for the ladies. "My stars!" is the expletive Washington uses when life throws him a surprise or two and I for one found it had seeped into my own vocabulary before reaching the last page. Without wishing to give anything away,Washington's proclivity for falling in love at the drop of a hat made for some amusing antics and indeed Washington, and many of the other characters, have a wonderfully comic turn of phrase even in times of adversity. One of those characters is a soldier by the name of Beatty who loves to tease Washington about the ladies and Washington is apt to reply: "One of these days, Beatty, I might mistake you for a yankee and shoot you on sight" but we are never in doubt these soldiers would lay down their life for each other should that prove necessary. I personally felt that the first chapter was too complex for the average reader to digest as I struggled to understand all the ancestry and it reminded me of the early part of the Bible where everyone is begetting everyone else. In the end, I found myself skimming to the more meaty Chapter 2 and felt that was where the story really begins. For anyone will a deep interest in American History, this book is a must and Scott's story-telling is wonderfully warm and descriptive. he has certainly done his homework and it shows. I was filled with admiration for this writer's skills.
  • Family Traits on July 17, 2012

    A Historical Novel With Teeth Family Traits is a novel about a family of English Settlers in Amrrica who co-mingle with the American Indians and end up, through successive generations becoming more Indian than White Man. They fight for the rights of Indians, intermarrying until many of them know nothing about their English origins. Along the way, none of their family's easily recognisable traits are diluted and the extended clan are as comical and bawdy as they ancestors. There is a George Skipper in almost every generation but one, which was a deliberate exception engineered by one patriarch but even so, George is recognised in every branch of the clan. It is nothing short of a miracle that Scott Skipper manages to hold all the threads of this family together. I know I got lost trying to remember who was whose son or grandson but not so the author whose research of the townships, historical characters and events is nothing short of excellent. Below the surface though, we come to respect the fact that the American Indian spirit was never broken as they became reluctantly integrated with the invading hoardes. Their pride and wily survivalist mentality carries them through the worst of times and I think they will be pleased with Scott for this treatise of their predicaments.
  • Lake Tanna - Ballad of Ruby on Aug. 11, 2012

    Lake Tanna will surely be a hit with lovers of sci-fi horror. I found it very scary indeed aqnd might even have nightmares! There is still editing to be done and I'd urge the author to have someone proof read to pick up on small but essential errors. Nevertheless it is an imaginative piece of work indeed.
  • Alien Eyes on Sep. 13, 2015

    I cannot praise highly enough this sequel to Alien Affairs, one of my favourite sci-fi stories ever. If anything, the sequel is better still and there was great satisfaction to be had from an ending which tied all the loose ends up in a bow. Well-drawn characters and great humour are trademarks of Scott Skipper, the author and if you have never sampled his work, then do so immediately...or even sooner! He is a powerful writer indeed!
  • Alien Child on Feb. 10, 2016
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    If you have not read the first 2 books in the Alien Affairs not panic....Alien Child is stand alone but also explains how we got where awe are in the story...all three books, however, are unputdownable and I am sad that I have finished reading them all. In my view, these are the best of Scott's books...the story is fresh and exciting, threaded through with Scott's inimitable humour. His characters are varied and multi-layered...some are downright hilarious and albeit this is a sci-fi series, it is also easy to relate to the world we live in today...including as it does, for instance, an American president who thinks it perfectly reasonable to declare a fatwah on the mother of our heroine. You will love some of the characters and you will want to strangle a few of them....but unless you've lost your humour organ, you will not be able to keep a straight face for long.... I highly recommend the series and this book in particular!!!
  • Capital Blues on Aug. 08, 2016

    Buckle up guys, you are in for few shocks, an eye-opening, thought provoking adventure but above all a barrel of laughs. Scott Skipper set out to shock us with this one with a story that would be ludicrous if it weren't so scarily close to the current situation in American politics. A red-neck for a president? An audacious glimpse into a future that could be facing the world if one of the angry millions got their hands on such mind-blowing power as the nuclear button (nuclear football as Jim West calls it). Angel, daughter of the most daring president ever, is herself a dare-devil who has lost sight of any boundaries including that of self-preservation. Confronting Putin is child's play for this shapely child-woman turned press-secretary of The White House. You may laugh...I did. You may scream NO NO NO! I did. But secretly, you will be thankful that someone had the balls to write this cautionary tale. If Scott isn't expecting a call from the FBI any day now, he should. He has crossed some boundaries I would not dare to ...but then Salman Rushdie outlive the threats he faced with his daring books so why not? Ending was slightly abrupt for me but then Scott Skipper tends to do that. I still give this absolute full marks...for the laughter and for the shocks equally!!!