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Smashwords book reviews by E.S.P

  • Aversion (Book One of The Mentalist Series) on June 17, 2013

    I was excited to read this book because it had a romantic aspect that I've never seen approached successfully before. The synopsis gave me a different idea of the book than what it actually was, so I kind of walked into it with a blind eye, so to speak. One thing I'm going to say right of the bat is I liked Russ more than Gemma. And I don't think that was supposed to happen. I don't want to say Gemma had no emotion, but I wanted to see more of a personality. Being that the book is in first person, I was expecting to see more of her vulnerable side and maybe some sarcasm/humor. I'm not saying I wanted the book to become a comedy but there were some aspects that were missing. Russ. Well, what can I really say? If good men really did exist, he'd be the poster child I bet. He was so adorable and lovable and well. Y'know. I have a soft spot for people like that. Every time he appeared in the book I was just as happy as a dork could be. Another thing I didn't care for was the book felt kind of isolated. This might have been done intentionally because it is a "mental" book (a book that has a lot to intellect) but the absence of characters was quite weird to me. Right now I can think of two main characters and three secondary characters (two of which had an appearance that lasted just about ten pages). That simply isn't enough for me. I wished it had more dialogue. The story line was unique enough for me to give it a high rating, despite. There were lots of interesting plot twists and the few characters were interesting enough. The ending was also pretty great. This review might sound harsh, but I actually want to read the second book. I have a really good feeling about it.