Thomas Vazhakunnathu


Thomas Vazhakunnathu is a philosopher and spiritual scientist. His conscious spiritual journey started at the age of 23 in the year of 1994. By 2004 he realized the purpose and limitation of all religious systems and the essential oneness of all creation in Spirit.

His formal education includes a Masters in English Literature and a Masters in Business Administration. Formerly an avid reader, he is now more interested in investigating the nature and mechanism of life using both intuition and rational faculties and sharing those truths for the benefit of humanity. As the founder of Spiritual Research Institute, his ultimate objective for the present life is to awaken as many as possible and bring peace and harmony to planet earth, as far as possible. He is open to work with everyone who shares this objective.

He places more emphasis on living the truth or walking the talk rather than anything else as that is the only way one can move up in the scale of life. For him, there is nothing more fulfilling than the experience of ever expanding consciousness.

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