Chris Elliott


Chris Elliott and his wife Tracy have five children ranging in age from 12 to 4, all of whom continue to teach Chris improved communication. His personal journey through change will enlighten you on how we all can reprogram ourselves at anytime. Through his mantra of Goal #6, you too can discover and reach your ultimate purpose.

In his new book ThoughtShredder, he outlines the process and the story that has helped him overcome obstacles to become authentic. We need to get in touch with the influences that shaped our values originally in order to break them down and form new beliefs.

The presentations Chris gives to all audiences helps engage them in Authentocracy -- the term he uses for leading through the authentic you.

Chris Elliott is a practicing Servant Leader with more than 20 years of experience helping organizations implement change through process, technology and structure. He is certified in Change Acceleration Process and relies heavily on ADKAR methodology to implement change. His journey through Servant Leadership has helped him create processes that allow individuals to get in touch with their past in order to create the future each wants and to become Authentic Leaders.

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