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  • Ringing the Bell: My Life in the Biz on April 08, 2012

    As a person who worked for Marketing FX (now known as Team One inc- a Cydcor affiliate on the AT&T campaign) in 2007, I can say that everything in the book is accurate and well told. I heard similar horror stories about my co workers having to go through bankruptcy court, getting evicted, living in shared housing with the manager, and all sort of office scruffels going on (Sexual harassment, ect). Our office was shared with "Green Rock Marketing" (Now Rock Executives). Our ICL told us about WWI and DS-MAX, and how Cydcor branched off from it. But, they said that we should be able to "use the system" to sell trinkets and other items, and we did so during practice pitches. So, like Luke detailed, these practices remained entrenched in the heart of Cydcor. Also, Luke is right on the fact that most ICL's will never become a regional consultant (and if they do, they still have to manage offices!) Luke told the story in a way that both former employees of "DS Max Spawn" companies and the general public can understand it. If you want a full understanding of how Cydcor and other DS Max spawn companies and their employees operate, you need to read this book.