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Smashwords book reviews by thusnelda

  • Merry Go Round - Maple Valley Trilogy, Book 3 on July 24, 2012
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    Merry Go Rounds are strange things - you all go around together, yet each person is very much by him- or herself. That's how the sisters in the Maple Valley trilogy are too - they are family, they belong together - yet each one is very much alone. This time we meet Tracy, the youngest daughter. She is the perfect one, the one who can do no wrong (at least in her mother's eyes). As we get closer to her, we discover she has a life that is far from perfect... We get to ride the Merry Go Round of her life with her for a while as she picks up the pieces and discovers other riders going around and around with her. Will she finally catch up with someone on the Merry Go Round, defying the notion that it's impossible?
  • Love Notes on July 24, 2012
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    This is a great story to curl up with and be nice and warm while you read about folks who are battling the cold... the frozen lake... the snow storm... the heartless banker... all while finding love in all sorts of different places and sometimes in surprising ways. Sherrie Hansen will keep you turning the pages as you are drawn in for a marvelous journey of two people discovering first of all themselves - their weaknesses, but also their strengths - and, inevitably, each other.