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Neil Daniel is a self-taught fiction writer from Trinidad and Tobago with one published book, The Obeahman’s Dagger. At seventy, writing is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream and The Obeahman’s Dagger is the first in a long list of books that Neil intends to write, health and life permitting.
He currently lives in North Tonawanda, New York, a small town between the Niagara River and Tonawanda Creek where he enjoys biking, jogging and walking the many trails that have been built along the old rail lines and Erie Canal paths. He can be found on his WordPress blog, Flying Solo.

Smashwords Interview

I was fascinated by the title of your book. I knew that obeah was a kind of Caribbean witchcraft, something like voodoo but you write that it's a religion. That's a very different interpretation, isn't it?
Different from the mainstream misconceptions perhaps. But no, it is a religion, though it's not organized like your average Western Church. If I had to compare it to anything I'd say it's most like Buddhism. So there you are then, back to the dispute about religion and philosophy or religious tradition. Obeah is a belief system that describes what the Catholics name 'The Communion of Saints'. It evolved in the AfroCaribbean Diaspora along with Vodoun in Ayiti and Santeria in the Spanish colonies.
Are you an obeahman?
No. Nor am I an adherent or a practitioner but I have seen enough to know that obeah is real. Again, I don't mean that some obeahman can cast a spell on you to make you do his will. I mean that it's a valid belief system that is ancient. I do mean, as well, that the mysteries of obeah have manifested in my presence and there is no rational, scientific explanation for the phenomena I've witnessed.
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The Obeahman's Dagger
You set the price! Words: 66,620. Language: English. Published: June 18, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary
Set in the Caribbean island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, this is the story of David Chelmsford, a young journalist drawn unwillingly into an occult adventure in the realms of West African Vodun and its Trinidadian equivalent, Obeah. David must go toe to toe with a powerful and ruthless opponent, one skilled in the arcane magic of Vodun and Obeah.

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