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  • Child Molestation Stories: Voices of Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (Molestation, Rape, and Incest) on Feb. 29, 2012

    I recently received this ebook from the authour and I put it at the top of my current reading books. I know people who have dealt with issues such as these and I'm glad Lynn Daugherty wrote a book with these concerning events. I believe more people need to be informed and aware of the events of child abuse and I recommend this book to all. I enjoyed that the stories came straight from the victims themselves. I understand that some people believe that it should have been more intense and that the stories should have given more details, but understand that these people were victims, not storytellers. They are recounting events that they never wanted to happen and they are doing all that is in them to forget these horrid events that were bestowed upon them. I though this was well told and I felt sorry for these innocent children that were gravely affect by these disturbing encounters. The children in all stories felt "dirty" and "guilty" and I feel that these children should know that they are victims. That means none of this deserved to happen to any of them. Although some people were angered when the children came forward, just know that the victimised children aren't at fault. I pray that children are no longer victimised and that those who have been, find the strength to come forward and get help. If you're in doubt or are look for advice, read this book. Lynn Daugherty gives you the strength you need to seek help and overcome this disgusting act that some people find tasteful. I hope those who do read it, find it as helpful as I did.
  • Why Me? Help for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse (Even if they are adults now) on March 03, 2012

    I enjoyed reading this and furthering my education in the topic of child abuse. I know people whom have been abused and this helps me to help them if they are in need of a shoulder to lean on. I like how the authour included resources at the end of the book and how there was so much in there for the victim to be informed on. The details in this novel were very informative, full of advise, and helpful. I recommend this book to anyone, because that way people are more informed about the affects of child abuse and how to further help someone in need. I also was able to find some quotes that help me as an individual, even though I'm not a victim. I could see this being really helpful for those whom are victims and I hope that they find refuge in this book and are able to seek the proper help they need. I am also currently reading a book that deals with girls being sold on the black market and them being abused in many ways and reading this book helped me piece together the main woman's feelings and understand her better as a person and how see deals with her past abuse by her brother. I would like to thanks Lynn Daugherty for writing this book and other books about child abuse, because it's courageous people like her that have helped people that have suffered.