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Tim Bartley BCH is a board certified hypnotist and has been in full time practice since 2005. He has conducted thousands of one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions. In 2012 his practice was at the Women’s Health Center at Herrick hospital in Tecumseh Michigan, working in conjunction with staff, physicians, and residents. He has authored a book on hypnosis, conducted group therapy seminars and educational seminars, and also uses the latest hypnotherapy techniques and has developed new techniques and courseware.

After having several people literally fly in to work with him, in 2009 he opened his practice internationally into distance therapy as to accommodate his clients. To date Mr. Bartley has conducted distance sessions with people all over the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. “Distance is not a concern because I do the exact same thing whether the person is two feet away from me or half way around the world, it’s merely a conversation between two people.” (Telephone or Skype)

In his practice he works with over thirty disorders, treating people with emotional, habitual, and physical disorders. “It’s all the same really – belief systems and emotions manifest in different ways. When clearing any disorder you have to find and change the causative emotion, the belief system that is in place, and the triggered response or behavior. I use Parts Therapy, Age Regression, Timeline Therapy, Chair Therapy, and other techniques to do this. Once completed the problem vanishes.”

Tim specializes in fibromyalgia/CFS and weight loss. Fibromyalgia robs people of their lives. After several successes in treating it, I decided to specialize in this disorder. Weight loss is personal to me because my father died of his second heart attack due to being over weight. If he would have found someone back then who had my training his life would have been a lot longer. I have a fabulous weight release program and also an amazing program to clear fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

Most importantly Tim has developed some very important breakthrough techniques. His Subconscious Mind Gateway programs completely remove the conscious mind while having his clients subconscious mind directly communicate with him – this is a breakthrough. He also has developed a new regression technique that is unmatched, where you can find the root of a problem very quickly and easily to remove it. These trainings are available here on this website.

Disorders He Treats

Emotional: Depression, anxiety, panic, fears, self-worth issues, motivation, procrastination, OCD, PTSD

Physical: Fibromyalgia, migraines, osteoarthritis, pain, sleep issues, sexual disorders, CFS, IBS, RLS

Habitual: Weight loss, alcoholism, substance abuse, smoking cessation

Tim’s Achievements

BS – Eastern Michigan U./Peru State (Magna Cum Laude)
CH – Certified Hypnotist
BCH – Board Certified Hypnotist
QHHT Certified – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy
ART Certified – Accelerated Resolution Therapy (Eye Movement)
Author – Holy Moly It’s: Hypnosis

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Cognitive Replacement Therpy
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Holy Moly It's: Hypnosis
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All things hypnosis! Therapy, stage, and spiritual aspects covered in detail.

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