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ROBERT RENAUD, life enthusiast, pragmatic career man, and spirited dreamer, has lived his dreams, from dancing with a princess, living as a millionaire in Ecuador, to being a cartoonist. He’s a dedicated family man who leverages time trading to live life to its fullest and becoming personally fulfilled in the process.

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  • Family Matters: How To Strengthen Your Family (Without Paying for Therapy or Changing Your Lives) on Feb. 03, 2013

    Book review – Family Matters The Family Matters book is about what relationships mean to each member of the family. I gave this book a ‘liked it’ rating because in the highlighting of the importance of family there is an initial over emphasis on the darkness of humanity and the blight of human character. Yes, it can be a scary world, but this pales in comparison to all the good that exists. Casting this initial setting aside, Family Matters is a detailed clinical assessment of the bonds of a family that can provide one with strength when they need it most. It provides tools, exercises, and relatable case studies to help guide one through self-reflection and understanding so they can deal effectively with the noise of life. Blood truly is thicker than water. Our friends and colleagues may come and go but our family is always there—the bonds are eternal. This is a gift each of us inherits and as such we need to nurture it. Yet, the lessons of this book extend beyond one’s family to all relationships in our lives. Although the book is an easy read, it will be placed in the reference section of your bookshelf to be perused when you’re stymied by a challenge in your relationships, face a crisis in your life, or during thoughts of self-reflection. A good book for your library of life. Robert Renaud—Author of The Time Trading Guru (