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Timothy B. McCormack, a Seattle intellectual property attorney and author, writes about the law using examples that he loves and finds interesting.

He is well known for his Seattle Post Intelligencer "Copyright Cow" Column (upon which the magazine is based) focuses on the untold stories of the second largest export of the United States - intellectual property and technology - through the lenses of law, economics and society. Intellectual property is comic books, cartoon characters, the "Book of Life" embodied in the Human Genome, medicine, technology, movies, websites, copyright demand letters, cease and desist letters, Getty Images Demand letters and, for example, the business of producing and distributing milk (a Copyright Cow favorite).

McCormack in the author of the groundbreaking Trade Secrets of Intellectual Property or "Don't Copy This*" book series. He also writes a prestigious column for the Seattle PI. Topics range from copyrights to patents, trademarks to trade secrets and related issues such as the underlying social, technological and legal forces that help to create the fabric of the Internet and the economy of information.

His international experience includes travel to over 27 countries and schooling in Japan and Oxford.

Copyrights affect everyone. If you have ever received a copyright demand letter, had your work used without your permission or care about the creation of art, music and movies, this magazine is for you. Seattle Based attorney Timothy B. McCormack is well-known for his work in all of these areas and he writes in an accessible, interesting but intellectually honest way for artist and judges, business women and tradesmen alike.

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