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  • Open Mic on March 03, 2011

    I’ve been following the Amish Outlaws for over a couple of years now and am always present with my friends at “Stage Right” when they play in my area, so when I heard that Brother Big Daddy Abel had written his first literary piece, “Open Mic”, I had to check it out. In this day and time when the media tries to sway our opinion to their point of view by bombarding us with their keywords, call to patriotism, and religious beliefs and our inbox is loaded with emails of the same nature, it is great to see a real, intelligent perspective, of what is really going on here. He easily kept my attention and before I knew it, I had clicked my way to the end in one sitting. It was a great read and I look forward to more things in the future from BDA, a man that I am proud to call “My Brother”!