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I served in the Royal Air Force for 22 years in the air traffic control world, the last 10 years were as an air traffic controller.

I have a great interest in military aircraft and I have a wide ranging taste in music from classical to Linkin Park via Pink Floyd and Genesis.

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Smashwords book reviews by Paul Ryan

  • Dinosauria - Part I: A Memory of Time on Jan. 16, 2011

    A very good read with characters the reader grows to care about. The story is very well told although I did become concerned that maybe I`d missed a book which you had to read before this one as there is history which is mentioned throughout the first half of the book and I was wondering when (if ever) these threads would start to be explained, they are in a large chunk of "flashback". The question I would love to ask though is if the premise is that the story takes place on a world where dinosaurs and humans evolved alongside each other to a similar level of intelligence why are there still dinosaurs around of the same species as the Saurians which seem very much like the ones we think of which are wild and vicious, some of which are ridden by humans? Still it`s an excellent story and I`m looking forward to the next instalment, I can`t believe it`s free!
  • Ether on Feb. 13, 2011

    I enjoyed this book especially as it was free. The story has an interesting background which opens itself to revisits to the world of Ether, hopefully to answer the sort of questions Mickey330 mentions as well as others such as where did the keys come from, was there an "original" discoverer of Ether? It seems to me that the story just gives a "nod" to the steam punk genre and although it didn`t detract from the story for me I think the story would benefit from this facet of the book being expanded and developed. I found there were still some basic questions unanswered such as, if the journey North and South is so difficult and there is no way of communicating between the two, how are edicts and rulings passed from the king in the North to the rest of the country? How do they stay in control? How did the North manage to claim the country to the South? As Karen mentions I did feel that the world of Ether was a little 2 dimensional, it lacks depth. The way the world is laid out with it`s all surrounding mountains and dangers, seems to be a just way of enabling concepts like the black fog and the swamp to be the limiting factors to travel that they are. Having said that the dangers that travellers face are very well conceived and interesting, I found the swamp to be particularly spooky. All in all a very entertaining read, it would be a great shame if Kristine didn`t offer us a return to Ether where more flesh could be put on the already fairly fleshy bones of this interesting world.
  • The Time Traveller, Smith on Feb. 13, 2011

    I`m afraid this book was a bit of a disappointment. The story starts off quite promising as I discovered from the excerpt but I think the rest of the story just rushes too much. There are some interesting ideas which fail to be investigated and explored. This would be a very good story if the author had taken more time to develop the ideas which are hinted at throughout the book.