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T.J. Robinson never met a romance hero she didn't like. Her love for romance began when she snuck a Danielle Steel novel from her grandma's library. She's been an addict ever since, loving the work of Susan Mallory, Robyn Carr, Rosalind James, Irish Winters, and many others. T.J. is a country girl by heart, but a Southern California girl by location. You can often spot her inside a local coffee shop, out running the local trails, working out with her husband, or laying out a bazillion index cards on the living room floor for her next project. T.J. Believes each day is a gift, a blessing to be cherished, and she’s grateful for every moment she's given.

Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
All I Need is the second book in the Valentine Family saga. In All I Want, you meet Myra and her sisters and get a peek at the relationship the three of them share. Myra looks up to her older sisters as these amazing women who have it all together, but I wanted to explore the dynamic of the oldest sister now being the one leaning on her younger siblings for support. Families often have more problems than meet the eye, and that's what All I Need is about - a woman who seems to have it all together, until it all falls apart. The great thing about the Valentines is that there's no judgement when the perfect persona fails, just support and love.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I've always loved to write, but with little hope of acutually getting published, I was frustrated until I learned how easy (only in terms of being able to upload a book to the masses) self-publishing can be.
IT'S NOT EASY! The writing part is easy. The uploading part is easy, but there are SO MANY other things:
Cover Design
Formatting - ebook & print have different requirements
Website/blog creation
Social Media involvement & presence

Because of my initial budget (or lack thereof) I did most of the work myself, but it has been a such a fullfilling experience - frustrating at times - but I've learned so much and am confident in my ability to publish my work and offer advice to others.
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