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  • The Great American Walkabout on March 09, 2013

    I met these guys when on vacation in the Black Hills. I was 48 years old and a college student, on vacation with my wife, stepson and his wife. I had not told anyone, but I was seriously considering dropping school. Only halfway through and the burden was more than I wanted to tolerate. We met Mike first, he quickly changed my perspecting. We talked, he told us about the trip and their successes, a few struggles. We shot hoops, played hacky sack and then started talking magic. I know exactly one good trick that I can do well. Mike and Edward saw it first, they got me to do it on camera with Bulla. They performed for us, then told me what I needed to do to be more entertaining with it. I did graduate, 3.8 GPA Magna Cum Laude. This book is a reminder of who I talked to and lessons I learned that night. I was sad when I read about police escorting them out of town and how much of the journey was lost. I am saddened also that this did not get picked up by PBS or Discovery. It is a once and a lifetime experience and I am greatful I got to see a small part of it. Mike, you may have changed my life, I hope this book moves others as it has moved me.