Tobias Gavran


Tobias Gavran is a 25 year-old French author who has recently started self-publishing short stories in English. His first book, a thriller called "Mort sur mesure," was self-published back in 2013.


GR Induced
These free short stories have been the offspring of a little challenge I called "Goodreads Friends with benefits." Goodreads is a website which allows readers to share their passion for books. This series is an attempt at highlighting how reviewers and authors are really in the same team, and that they can benefit from each other. I expect the more stories will blossom in this series, the better my writing will be, because I know I'm not publishing masterpieces as of yet.
Trojan Wolf
Trojan Wolf follows the story of four elite soldiers of the American Empire, in the 22nd century. Daya is the warrior of the group, a woman with a sense of duty from the slums of LA. Diego is a nobleman whose power is only matched by his arrogance. Jack is the team's technician, or his enchanter if you would, a timid yet skillful ally. Every team needs a leader, and this one as Sergeant Major Melany Thompson to follow in the wilderness, a mentor as well as a survivalist.


The Count's Son
Price: Free! Words: 33,870. Language: English. Published: February 2, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » General, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy
Thomas wakes up in a world that isn’t his. A world where magic and violence are omnipresent, and his parents are still alive. Now the son of a Count, Thomas needs to face the dark secrets of his alter ego, a young man who looked just like him but wasn’t as simple.
I’m Going With the Flames.
Series: GR Induced. Price: Free! Words: 6,170. Language: English. Published: March 26, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Sci-Fi & fantasy
For the first time in months, I'm coming in from the darkness, away from my shadows, to find closure. He has tried to make me into a victim, but I didn't listen. I rarely do, anyway. Now, I'm going with the flames, because I can't do this alone.
Love with a big 0x004c
Series: GR Induced. Price: Free! Words: 1,910. Language: English. Published: January 26, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Short stories, Fiction » Romance » Short stories
Love with a big 0x004c is an experimental Sci-Fi short story following the evolution of an Artificial Intelligence after the extinction of humankind. It was inspired by the prompt of Goodreads user "Aura" ( in "Goodreads Friends with benefits".
Authors for Goodreads
Price: Free! Words: 5,900. Language: English. Published: January 20, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Publishing » Self-publishing, Nonfiction » Reference » Personal & Practical Guides
(3.00 from 4 reviews)
There once was a terrible booklet about the perils of Goodreads... There's now a terrible booklet about that booklet.
Trojan Wolf: Savages
Series: Trojan Wolf. Price: Free! Words: 6,600. Language: English. Published: January 15, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories, Fiction » Adventure » Action
It’s the year 2142, and four very specialized soldiers have just completed a hunt in the heart of Washington. What they discover about their prey is quite disturbing.
Trojan Wolf: Olympia
Series: Trojan Wolf. Price: Free! Words: 6,310. Language: English. Published: January 5, 2015. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Action & suspense
A handful of soldiers make their way through the wilderness in the year 2142 to reach Olympia, the abandoned capital of the fallen state of Washington.
Alexia's Bike
Price: Free! Words: 3,010. Language: English. Published: April 6, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Law & Crime
A short story for children of all ages with a soupçon of Sherlock Holmes.
Le vélo d'Alexia
Price: Free! Words: 3,090. Language: French. Published: April 17, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Short Stories, Fiction » Children’s books » Social Issues / Emotions & Feelings
Nouvelle pour petits et grands enfants (7 à 77 ans) avec un soupçon de Sherlock Holmes. L'absence d'Alexia, lors d'une matinée de printemps, rend particulièrement inquiet Walter, un camarade de classe. Bien heureusement pour l'écolier, il connait l'inspecteur parfait pour résoudre ce mystère : Hassan, un élève de CM2.
Mort sur mesure
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 88,910. Language: French. Published: April 5, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Action & suspense
Dans les ombres de la capitale française, le milieu criminel est agité par de nombreuses luttes de pouvoir, mais celle qui s'annonce est d'une ampleur terrifiante. Entre coups d'éclats et coups bas, les membres de la pègre s'allient et s'entretuent au rythme des assassinats. Les personnalités se succèdent et se font face dans des batailles brutales et grandioses.

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