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  • The Flower Bowl Spell on July 09, 2012

    First thoughts after...... I want more. Cliffhangers get me every time How Distracted Did I Get? Memphis is a strong character who is a Wiccan. She banished all magic but she starts seeing faeries and other images or demonstrations I just don't know what to call them. Memphis is sarcastic and smart and always has some sort of retort. But will she stay with her older boyfriend or end up with the sexy Tyson? How Many Baskets? So, I was very confused reading some parts of the book. I continued reading because I genuinely liked the story. It's great twists and turns you just don't know what to expect. Barring the few confusing scenes I would definitely reccomend this book to someone who enjoys a paranormal mystery romance. I give The Flower Bowl Spell....... 3 1/2