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Toby Andersen was always an avid writer. His first ever science fiction novel was written aged 9. He started writing properly while at university getting a degree in Film and Broadcast Production.
He would love to work in games writing and likes to craft interesting involving narratives and memorable characters.

Toby's first novel 'Blood Red Moon' was written in 2009, and involved a collection of warring Samurai families and their antics in a feudal japan filled with 15th century demons.

His second novel is the one available to buy. 'Drifters' is a science fiction space opera set in our own solar system in a time after Earth has been rendered uninhabitable during orbital wars. Captain Reagan Valkiers and his crew stumble across a pod shot from Earth's toxic surface whilst trying to steal jobs from their competitors. The pod contains a mutant girl who might hold the key to returning to the planet. Now the crew have to help her succeed, but with the Earth Defence Force and a ruthless dictatorial businessman on their tail, its all they can do just to stay alive...

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