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Todd grew up in rice lake Wisconsin. It is a small town of under 10,000 people located in the north western part of the state. It is true that in a small town everyone knows everyone and everyone knows everyone’s business. He kind of likes that. it taught him to be accountable for his actions, that a handshake and his word mean something, and that you don’t earn trust, you prove it over and over again every day, whether someone is watching you or not.
His dad was a high school principal (fortunately for him in the next town over!). Discipline and order were a big deal. He knew every teacher in the school intimately. Todd would hunt and fish with them; they would come over and share breakfast at his home before school on occasion. To this day Todd still conducts himself based on the values that he learned from that small town.
It snows up there—a lot. from early on Todd decided that he needed to live his life in a way that if anyone saw him in the ditch on the side of the icy road, which happened to everyone at one time or another, they would say, “hey, that’s Todd.” and stop to help, instead of say “hey, that’s Todd.” and drive past.
Now Todd has two little girls of his own and he does not live in a small town obviously, but is doing his best to instill those values that Todd has on to them. It is easier to hide in a big town; there are a lot more strangers. Todd would hate for them to grow up and not take ownership for something they should just because they could get away with it because no one noticed. The best way to insure that they do right is by showing them what it looks like—by doing right himself. Todd thinks professional etiquette is not doing the right thing because someone is watching, but doing the right thing when no one is.
He spends his days living an outcome based life. He has a successful mortgage business and is always striving for better. He is best known by “living the dream” fitting a full time income into a part time work schedule, which starts with walking his kids to school every morning.

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The Borrowers Bible
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