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Harry Klaff covered the NHL for The Hockey News and Hockey Pictorial, and reported for both the Associated Press and United Press International. He has written three books, All Time Greatest Super Bowl, All Time Greatest Stanley Cup, and Computer Literacy and Use. Today, he is a retired Social Studies teacher from Brooklyn. Because he never went on a date in his adolescence, Harry had plenty of time to research useless facts and figures on everything ranging from history to pop culture. Moonlighting as a hockey scoreboard operator and baseball beer vendor, Harry still had ample time to collect data. Yet somehow, he got married.

In 1977, Jeremy was born. Rather than being raised on a steady diet of carrots and peas, baby Jeremy was forced to learn facts from textbooks. His first word was, “Uzbekistan.” Throughout his childhood, Jeremy had a hard time making friends. When other kids wanted to play baseball, he wanted to instruct them about Henry VIII’s six wives. After a failed career as a standup comic and broadcaster, in 2000 Jeremy fittingly became a Social Studies teacher. Today he brings trivia to the next generation.

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