Tom Brown


Tom Brown grew up a serial dreamer. In no particular order, he used to imagine playing up-front for Liverpool, fighting giant white balloons in The Prisoner, and succeeding Claudio Abbado as the lead conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic. When not a single one of these came to pass, Tom decided to try his hand at writing. A few plays followed before novels emerged as the best medium for his not-exactly-genre-specific talents. He fused two of his other teenage obsessions – Shakespeare and Star Wars – in the authorship comedy So Long, Shakespeare, before a move to Crystal Palace inspired a soon-to-be-published historical ghost story. Currently, he is working on two more historical stories set in south London, while also developing a series of new comic novels.

When he’s not writing, Tom is typically (a) earning money to enable him to write, or (b) obsessing over music to distract himself from writing. He plays fingerstyle guitar to a spasmodically listenable standard, and used to be one half of the short-lived, totally-unsuccessful-yet-still-somehow-fulfilling synth-pop duo Eskimo Tracks.

For the record, he would still like to conduct the Berlin Philharmonic, and is open to offers from Brendan Rodgers.

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