Thomas D. Cooke


I am a writer and publisher that spent most of his career in the field of technical writing. I also managed to squeeze in a few years as publisher/owner of a couple of weekly newspapers. Despite the stereotypical portrayal of publishers and technical writers as little short fat balding men that live alone with their cats, I did manage to squeeze some adventure into my life. I am an ex combat pilot, have raced cars and motorcycles, have traveled extensively, owned a couple of music studios and a record company, and can list some pretty neat folks as my friends.
I retired from active business a couple of years back and soon discovered that being retired was almost as much fun as watching a car rust so I once again turned to writing to occupy my time.This time though, I'm writing fiction. My first novel "MEMOIRS OF BEAR: Nueces Means Nuts was picked up by Mythica Publishing and achieved enough success to motivate me to continue working in the world of fiction. I am currently working on two projects, one is the sequel to MOB:NMN, and the second is a publishing venture that is just in the organizational stage. Unfortunately fiction has turned me into a hunched over little fat man who lives with cats. My hair is also starting to thin out a bit in back.

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