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Tony Piazza is a Sisters in Crime and SLO NightWriter’s member, and author of the popular mystery, “Anything Short of Murder.” Set in 1930’s Hollywood, this novel was his own personal homage to the pulps and motion pictures of that era.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, he was always a dreamer from his youth, and enjoyed sharing these visions with others. At the age of ten he developed an interest in two types of escapism: books and films. Over the subsequent years he immersed himself in both, reading just about every type of literature to hit the shelves. But of all the genres, he especially enjoyed stories dealing with mystery and espionage, devouring everything from Conan Doyle to Ian Fleming. He also spent many Saturday afternoons as a youth in the cinema cheering on some of these literary detectives and spies brought to the screen. Incidentally, this fascination with films eventually led him to train in acting, as well as into an examination of what goes on behind the motion picture camera through studies in cinematography.

Overall, he has enjoyed a long and varied professional career. He was employed in the film industry for 10 years during the 1970’s as an actor and stand-in, during which he worked for Quinn Martin Productions on television productions such as “The Streets of San Francisco”, which aired from 1972 to 1977. He also did occasional work for Warner Brothers Studios in movies featuring such legends as Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, and Clint Eastwood.

In 1980, he earned a Biology degree from San Francisco State University, which subsequently led to work in scientific research at U.O.P and the U.C.S.F., and finally as a Histology Technician for the Pathology Department at San Francisco’s Veteran’s Administration Hospital. As a Biologist, he co-authored several research papers published in scientific journals.

Presently, he lives with his wife on the beautiful California Central Coast, where he is employed as an Assistant QA Manager for a food safety laboratory, and dedicates his spare time to what he enjoys, writing.

Perhaps as a result of growing older, he recently started looking nostalgically back at earlier forms of storytelling; pulp fiction, radio plays, and motion picture serials. In his attempt to create something new, he decided to return to something old to reintroduce some of the excitement that modern readers are missing today.

His second novel, "The Curse of the Crimson Dragon" was released in January of 2012. A spy adventure set on Hawaii in 1944 that was well received by both critics and readers alike. "Bullitt Points" an e-book tracing the filming of "Bullitt" by the author who was there and met Steve McQueen is his newest published work.

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Anything Short of Murder
A Tom Logan Mystery. A hardboiled detective series set in 1930's Hollywood.

The Curse of the Crimson Dragon
Ryan begins a charter service in Hawaii where he believes he's found paradise. That is until government agents approach him. A fission scientist had gone missing while on Maui.This is only the beginning of an adventure that would take Ryan across three islands, facing larger than life dangers, and ruthless adversaries, ever racing towards the brink of a horrifying discovery that could turn the course of the war and change the face of freedom forever!


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