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  • Trump Fascism: A Very Possible Future on July 15, 2016

    Scary view of Drumpfs world. If you want another example of his empty headed bull nosed thinking, look up Balmedie golf course in Aberdeenshire Scotland. Here he built over a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and bullied and slandered a local farmer. To my shame the Scottish government let him do it. There's nothing like the promise of money for politicians. Half joking I take issue with the facts about Daffy duck. He's is black with a white collar, a yellow bill and feet. Also he despises stupid people, so whould hate to be associated with Drumpf. In some of his earlier cartoons he bashes Hitler over the head, and outwits the Nazis. So he can't stand fascism either :-) Overall this is readable, but could do with a good edit. Thanks.