Tom Robson


Hi there! I'm Tom Robson, graduate of the University of Chester, musician, reader, watcher of television, and most importantly, writer of science-fiction.

I've been working hard on my series, 'The Authority of Stars' since March 2011, and finally in the October/November of 2012 I released the first two instalments in a purely digital format.

First and foremost, to me science-fiction is not a genre per sé, but merely a backdrop or setting for a thriller, a horror, an adventure, a romance, or a drama. My series will be nine books long, and will follow nine different characters through nine very different stories. The genre changes but the setting remains the same.

Once this series is complete, I plan to bring everyone together with a hefty conclusion piece, probably in the form of a trilogy. It's a massive undertaking, and I don't want to do it alone. Join me, and we'll explore the Authority of Stars together.

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