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Smashwords book reviews by Tony James

  • Star Wars: Awakening on Nov. 08, 2012
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    I believe this is the sort of story we all expected when we found out there would be a Star Wars prequel. While I have been a fan of the Lucas-directed prequel trilogy for what it was, but there were a great many lines, events, etc., that caused me to scratch my head while watching it, even on first viewing. This story corrects many of those moments. It's a better-than-average effort and I would highly recommend it to my Star Wars friends. Good job.
  • Star Wars: Split Horizons on Nov. 17, 2012

    Excellent storytelling and some great twists and turns. As we see Anakin transform toward the inevitable conclusion, we are treated to some interesting side characters and an interesting side-story. I would highly recommend this book to Star Wars fans.