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Smashwords book reviews by snow14

  • The Last Wish Blues on July 30, 2011

    This book has so many different emotions in it Hope, Joy, Sadness, and a little bit of humour. It was overall a very good read.
  • S&M II on Aug. 09, 2011

    I have book 1 and have to say that book 2 did not disappoint , can't wait for the final book to come. The relationship between Mariana and Scott showed the loving side and the dominant side to a BDSM relationship.
  • S&M (Scott & Mariana) on Aug. 10, 2011

    Enjoyed this story. Loved the chemistry between Mariana and Scott
  • Eventually on Jan. 02, 2012

    A very moving story. looking forward to more stories from this author.
  • Force of Nature on April 01, 2012

    Great and entertaining read, loved the battle of wills between the Alpha and his mate. Cannot wait for the next book in the series.
  • With Everything I Am on Nov. 23, 2012

    This story was so engrossing I stayed up for hours reading it. I do believe this should have been considered an erotic romance. I cannot wait for the next story in this series and hope it's just as hot and steamy.
  • Mafia Captive on April 24, 2013

    Great book! You could feel the struggle within Leo with his feelings for Faith and trying not to act on his true desires. I look forward to reading more books by this author.
  • Lyon's Crew on June 04, 2013

    This story is Hoooooooooot! make sure you have a tall glass of ice water handy. Can't wait for book two.
  • The Billionaire's Nanny 1: The Contract (Interracial Billionaire Romance) on July 24, 2013

    This was a great book! I can't wait for the next book in the series, maybe the author can make book 2 a little longer.
  • BirthRight on July 28, 2013

    I'm glad I bought this book it was very good. The suspense in this story had me turning the next page in anticipation. I also liked how the author was able to have a strong alpha male, you couldn't decide if you wanted to love him or hate him. I loved the chemistry between Silas and Jasmine.
  • The Professor on Sep. 24, 2013

    Love, Love, Loved this book! It has everything you would hope to have in a book mystery, struggles, and the hottest sex that I've read in a while, make sure you have a ice cold glass of water nearby. Buy this book you will not be disappointed!
  • The Studfinder General (For the Manor Bred,1) on Oct. 11, 2013

    This book is HOT!!! I didn't want it to end anxiously waiting for book 2.
  • Keeping Her on Oct. 12, 2013

    This was a great book....HOT!......Looking forward to book 2 in the series.
  • Fraternizing on Oct. 13, 2013

    Loved! Loved! Loved!...This Book...All of the raw emotions that jumped off the pages and sex was Hooooot! I can't wait for the conclusion to this story I'M So Rooting For Alex And Cassie.
  • The Infamous Ellen James on Dec. 04, 2013

    I really liked this book. Ellen reminds of Edie Falco's character Nurse Jackie. I'm looking forward to Amy's story.
  • The First Book of Demons on Dec. 26, 2013

    Great book! I would pay for the second book in a heartbeat!
  • Rapine: Abducted by the Billionaire on Dec. 26, 2013

    This book was HOT!!!! You will need a glass of ice water near by. Can't wait for the second book in the series.
  • The Finisher on Jan. 05, 2014

    This was a great book. I hope the sequel comes out soon.
  • Lucky Number Four on Jan. 05, 2014

    For this to be the authors first book it was great! The little suspenseful part in the book was a nice touch. Looking forward to more books by this author.
  • Love, Your Concierge on Feb. 26, 2014

    I Love this book...I was laughing and crying throughout Grant and Elizabeth's story. Grant is the definition of a true Alpha Male. Can't wait to read Maya and Travis's story.
  • Monster on March 14, 2014

    I enjoyed this story. I did not like Dominic at all in the beginning and didn't think I would change my mind, but there are a few surprises in Dominic and Eden story. Looking forward to Carvers story and hopefully there will be a story for Jenna.
  • The Arabian Billionaire, Book One: Arabian Seduction on July 15, 2014

    Nice story could have been a little longer, but maybe book 2 will be.
  • AKA Lexi Frost on Aug. 01, 2014

    I really liked the story.
  • All of You on Aug. 02, 2014

    I really like this book. I hope a sequel is coming soon continuing Lincoln and Jillian's story and that Mackensie gets what coming to her.
  • Filthy Beautiful Lies on Aug. 28, 2014

    Great book! Looking forward to Filthy Beautiful Love.
  • Insatiable: The Lone Werewolf finds his Mate on Sep. 28, 2014

    Good start so far. Waiting for book 2.
  • Crossing The Line on Nov. 30, 2014

    WOW! What can I say, I'm not really into suspenseful romance novels but every so often I take a chance and this one paid off, I really enjoyed this novel and am looking forward to more books by Ms. Elsborg.
  • Survival on Feb. 23, 2016

    This book WOW just WOW anxiously awaiting the next book in the series. This is a dark story, but it will stay with you long after you've finished it. I agree with LH I would give six stars. J. Marie please don't make us wait to loom for the next book.
  • Norien: The Bight Series Book Two on May 10, 2018

    If you love possessive Alpha Males and a strong heroine this series is for you. This review won’t contain any spoilers, i have mixed feelings about the H I want to dislike him for the things he does to the h but am coming to understand why he is the way he is. The h she is a fighter and gives the H a run for his money but doesn’t realize she soothes the soul of the savage beast. I have really enjoyed the series so far and am anxiously awaiting book 3. If you like authors such as Penelope Sky, Mallory Monroe, and Jay Marie then Ms. Browns books are a must have in your digital library. Her first book in the series can be purchased on Amazon.
  • Zikora: The Bight Series Book Three on July 28, 2019

    I was patiently waiting (LOL not really) for this last book in the Bight series and Ferona Brown DELIVERED! I highly recommend buying this book it’s not necessary but better to read book 1 and 2 first as we are treated to Norien’s hea in Zikora. If you are a fan of dark romances, alpha males and of authors such as Kenya Wright, Taylor Vaughn, Jordan Silver, and Sam Crescent then you will love Ms. Brown’s books. I am anxiously waiting for a new book or series from Ms. Brown maybe the full story and conclusion to Know Thine Enemy from her blogspot Book 1 can be purchased on Amazon.