Tracy Ann Lord


Tracy Ann Lord hails from the hills of Hope—a location both metaphoric and geographic. Her home sits in the midst of a blueberry barren in Maine and faces the northwest, giving her a front row seat to such wondrous sights as snowdrifts taller than the pines themselves and the wildflowers and lush greenery as they emerge from underneath. Though passionate about traveling—especially to Italy—Lord has spent a goodly part of her life in the mid-coast managing to find more than enough opportunities for adventure. Mother to two spectacular daughters and now a grandmother to the most gorgeous boy in the world, she has at times been an award-winning journalist, a teacher, director and actor, an audio-book narrator, a corporate caterer, a public relations person and proprietor of a baking business called Humble Pie. Its specialty: pie. In other words, Lord has been willing to do anything to maintain her life-long affair with Maine and its most beguiling natural resource—water. Known to kayak several miles off-shore and down Class 5 rapids, she has also whiled away many hours paddling around ponds in search of loon. She believes that life’s greatest pleasures involve being on or in a lake, river or ocean.

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