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ePublishing is an ideal platform for frank and honest literature of a sexual nature.

Our tastes lean toward sexual writing that transcends conventional formulas.

If our writers excite the reader's imagination with scenes of unexpected erotic power please consider this an opportunity to expand the boundary edges of your given sexual aesthetic while enjoying a safe space for exploring new erotic experiences in fictional form.

Take a peek at our free samples. Many are set at 100% for online viewing only. If you don't like what you see you're free to go elsewhere with your $$ intact.

A certain class of savvy readers enjoy the uncompromising opportunity to experience a type of mature sexual content only a literate well-read individual is likely to fully appreciate.

Some stories contain characters that display ignorance in various behaviors. These characters are acting out known tropes. Their arrogant actions and bad behaviors are not endorsed by the authors in any way. They are being held up for public censure not offered as templates of model behavior.

The stupidity displayed by narrow-minded self-centered characters is meant to evoke derisive laughter. Please do not take them too literally. Remember literature *IS* fiction.

Generally speaking the work of Joe Brewster is lighter and droll in relation to JD Kindle's writing. Stella Graffen writes from a woman's sexual perspective while exploring refreshingly permissive themes. Robin Coxley-Hall is uncompromising.

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Joe Brewster's Short Erotic Stories Vols I & II & Shy Guy Collection
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 149,810. Language: American English. Published: April 29, 2016 by TFS21plus. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Men's Erotica, Fiction » Erotica » Women's Erotica
This is the complete compilation of Joe's short erotic sex fiction eBooks available in the premium catalog as of 05/01/16. These stories have been downloaded separately tens of thousands of times over the last five-plus years. They are now available in one ebook at an incredible savings over their aggregate individual pricings. The 38 titles are too numerous to list in this short description.
My Girlfriend's #1 Office Enemy Made Me Her Sex Slave!
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 5,620. Language: American English. Published: May 25, 2012 by TFS21plus. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Women's Erotica, Fiction » Erotica » Men's Erotica
Gianna is a mild-mannered young lady who tries her best to get along with everyone. Her Big Blonde coworker Laurelle tries her best to make Gianna's work life difficult. Things come to a head when Laurelle crosses the line & tries to ruin her personal life too. Gianna's boyfriend takes it upon himself to step in & confront Laurelle & gets wrangled into becoming Laurelle's personal sex slave.
Kayla's Sexy Surprise
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 2,760. Language: American English. Published: April 30, 2013 by TFS21plus. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Women's Erotica, Fiction » Erotica » Men's Erotica
Joe gets an erotic DVD from his office as a gag gift. He takes it home to surprise his straitlaced wife Kayla & to try to revive their sagging sex life by watching the erotic action. Little does he know Kayla has a sexy surprise of her own as she sheds her normal inhibitions in the heat of passion inspired by the video. Mild FemDom overtones. Pseudo-lesbian oral sex.
Bedding Kendall
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 3,580. Language: American English. Published: May 6, 2015 by TFS21plus. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Contemporary, Fiction » Romance » Erotic
Combat weary & sexually desolate, a young GI returns to visit his beautiful older sister, a lesbian, who he hasn't seen in years. Her loving nature ignites a misplaced sexual passion in his burnt-out soul as she innocently cradles him to the soundest sleep he's had since entering combat. He dreams of forbidden love. Kendall, her roommate, later proves to be a more appropriate partner for his lust.
The Cougar Investment Club
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 11,750. Language: American English. Published: April 11, 2012 by TFS21plus. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Women's Erotica, Fiction » Erotica » Men's Erotica
Young Joe, a new college grad, falls for his new boss, Sylvia, a much older woman. Joe helps her run an investment club for divorced women nearing retirement age. Their husbands all left them for younger women & it's made them resentful. Joe is a willing victim for them to take sexual revenge on the male gender. Joe hopes to make Sylvia jealous. He beds down every 'Cougar' that comes his way.
Lick Me Where I Like It
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 3,650. Language: American English. Published: May 4, 2014 by TFS21plus. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Women's Erotica, Fiction » Erotica » Men's Erotica
Joe is a good-looking young man with a sexual predilection for older women. Unfortunately, Joe has an inferiority complex stemming from his perception that he has a tiny penis. To overcompensate for his perceived physical drawback he becomes expertly adept at oral sex. His idea of the perfect relationship entails finding a woman that loves being satisfied orally and waited on hand and foot.
Soccer Mom No More! A Sordid Tale of Betrayal and Lust
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 5,740. Language: English. Published: May 3, 2011 by TFS21plus. Categories: Fiction » Erotica » Women's Erotica, Fiction » Erotica » MILF
Hannah Bradley played by the rules all her life. She got married & raised a healthy & loving family & just when the kids are off at college & her life seemed to reach the phase where she could devote more time to her husband & herself--her husband dumps her for a young slut & leaves her all alone in the empty nest. Hannah makes the best of the situation but she's hurt & bitter. She wants revenge.

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    Author knows how to get right to the heart of things. Ergo creates dramatic (hot) images with few words and gets characters in conflict quickly-- keeps things moving. Good show!
  • How To Cope With A Disability on Oct. 18, 2012

    Very inspiring! I love how the author takes an honest assessment of the role emotions play in coloring reality and is able to move beyond that and deal with life on a positive basis. Families help us cope, too! Very wise. -Stella Graffen
  • A Guide To Get Thru Abuse on Oct. 18, 2012

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  • The Alien That Came on Oct. 31, 2012

    ***** A great quirky bit of sexy flash fiction. A fast and fun story for adults only. --Stella Graffen
  • Melody's Passion on Nov. 05, 2012

    *** WoW! What a story! It reads like an Adult fable like David Lynch (the film-maker) might dream up. I never knew what was going to happen next. Very quirky. You have a unique way of telling a story that's for sure! I really enjoyed it! -- Stella Graffen