Thomas Brennan


The reason I wrote 1964: Year of Triumph and Tragedy is because I vividly remember experiencing with awe the exciting events that occurred during that transitional year in American history. As an eleven year old, television played a big part in my life. Television allowed me to experience the excitement of watching the Beatles perform their music live. The first time I ever listened to a fight on the radio was when Cassius Marcellus Clay fought and beat Sonny Liston. From that point on I became a boxing enthusiast and an admirer of the new heavyweight champion. I remember watching Martin Luther King, Jr. speak in front of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963. I was moved by King's passion and sincerity during that historic speech. I began reading more and more about King and the civil rights movement and how our nation began to pay serious attention to the rights of all citizens, not just the majority of Americans. I remember watching the evening news and seeing American soldiers fighting in jungles in a country I had never heard of. Names like Laos and Vietnam became commonplace on the news in 1964. I remember my family and I quietly watching on television the funeral procession for President Kennedy. The following year theories filled the airwaves on who may have killed Kennedy. Over the past several years I came to realize just how unique the year 1964 really is. Because I witnessed through the media all of these events and because I enjoy reading about history, I decided to write a book about topics that mean a lot to me both emotionally and historically.


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