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Tracy Palmer (1971-????) was destined from conception to have an interesting life. After all, only the unusual can attract someone that was conceived in Peculiar, MO. Tracy was obsessively involved in music, acting, and writing since she was first introduced to them in elementary school and she spent most of her scholastic life devoted to each one of the three. A young Ms. Palmer spent a majority of her childhood shuttling back and forth between her parents at the Lake of the Ozarks and Cedar Rapids, IA. After a family tragedy at the end of her Junior year in high school, Tracy left school and served a brief stint in the US Army. Upon leaving the military, Tracy then settled in southern Missouri. She has worked in several professions (accounting, retail, call centers... all mostly IT related) and is now seeking a degree in Mass Media with a double minor in Psychology and Screenwriting (she is also completing an Associate of Arts in Teaching degree).

The backbone and beginning of Tracy’s path towards the entertainment industry includes her first printed novel: Tribrid (first published as trIIIbrid). She is also a contributing writer for the post apocalyptic zombie game "Survivor Z". Along with ongoing contributions to the Survivor Z app, Tracy is currently involved in writing the sequel to Tribrid (My Father's Daughter), "The Rage Within" (a graphic novel based on the Tribrid series), "Fire Driven" (a short story going to print late summer 2013), and an original screenplay titled "Dream Weaver". Ms. Palmer is a production assistant for the upcoming movie "The Dead Reckoning" and other future films from the House of Grimm. The world can look forward to several more exciting things from this multi-faceted individual as she dons many more hats in the film and print industries.

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