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FINALLY The Josef and Blair Thin Line Series is available in its entirety! Book 1, There's A Thin Line, and Book 5, One Nation Under God, are now released! I was just too excited to wait, patience is not my strong suit! I also write under the pen name Ronin Schtihl Daire.

I am a published Author. I am an Air Force Brat, and grew up mostly overseas in Madrid, Spain and West Berlin, West Germany. I get my ideas from History and Folklore. I try to write in a 5 Book series format, to allow my characters to build and be fleshed out completely. There is always some component of Christianity in my works, as it is an integral part of my life. My characters are real, gritty and you will find a bit of yourself in one of my series. All of my series are different, as I have many different writers inside of me. I have two books that are available in print from Amazon under the pen name, Ronin Schtihl Daire, There's a Thin Line - Book 1: Legal Reichs and Between Love and Hate - Book 2: Reich in the Middle, which is now available also as a Smashwords Ebook. I like to write books that challenge stereotypes.

I have Relisted the Peace Series. Please stop emailing me. I waded through the muck, so if you read any books in the Peace Series before, just upload the most recent posted book once more. Book 5 is being totally reworked, and with everything else on my plate, you might see it within 6 months, that is the best I can do. I only realized there was interest due to emails and Emma, one persistent Facebook fan! When you don't leave a review, good or bad, it muddles things, reviews help us sharpen what we are attempting to show you. Please write a review!

Stay tuned, in November, 2013 I will release two new series, Sleeping Lizard and Lilith the Avenging Angel.

In addition, for men only, Taming the Feral KittyCat has been released, just in time for the PreSeason! Mothers, get your sons the protection they NEED from wicked women!

You can reach me on Facebook at Trisha Lindsey, Author, on Twitter by @TrishaALindsey and on Linkedin. I gain ideas and inspiration from fan interaction, and check all my accounts frequently. I try to put my work out in a timely manner, so the stories are fresh in the minds of readers. No one should have to wait years for the continuation of a series! Enjoy, and I hope to hear from you!

Smashwords Interview

When did you first start writing?
I first started writing in High School. I had an English Teacher named Mrs. Payne, who was phenomenal! She just passed away this summer, and she will be missed by so many of us! She gave my writing wings! I lived in West Berlin, and this was during the Cold War. It was great, because there was so much subject matter around us. I wrote my first novel during summer break of my sophomore year, it was about 350 pages typed, and was about gangs in Albuquerque, New Mexico, somewhere else we were stationed. I had a cake job, where I had to call and make sure the other kids were at work, then my time was my own! Thanks, Mr. Kelker!
What's the story behind your latest book?
I have 2 latest books. Taming the Feral KittyCat came about from a conversation where we got into a male versus female debate around the table after Christmas Dinner, in 2012! Men sure look at women different today! And we women looked at the devastation 'Feral KittyCats' are doing, and we realized that we needed to have a book that spoke to men in a way they understood, so we wouldn't have to keep being subjected to their dirty laundry, some of the situations they get caught in are just plain stupid! So, This book was written to give men a heads up, that the woman they are after could only be after that wallet of theirs, for them to look at their potential, and put that Bitch on a budget! The Josef and Blair Series is finally complete! I just released Book 1 and Book 5, as Book 1 was being held in limbo over who had what rights, for the past 10 plus years. Be careful what you sign, EBooks weren't out then, but it still didn't matter! It is a series on how you can't help who you fall in love with sometimes, and that God always has a way to get you back on track, He is there for the worst of us, as well as the best of us, everyone has a chance to come to Him as they are!
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