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Smashwords book reviews by Ana

  • When I See Your Face on March 09, 2014

    I chose to read this novel because when I read the preview, the topic seemed rather interesting. It was not only about love, but about a woman who suffered from domestic violence and is trying to start a new life. I'm very interested on this issue myself, so I try to read everything that is available. I must say I was not disappointed. The novel It is well written and connected, so it flows without any odd interruption. Its length, around 110 pages, is perfect if you want to read a story that goes directly to the point, and does not waste time in unnecessary facts. The main characters are well constructed even though they are part of a short story (one of the supporting ones is adorable, must say). Although it is a romance novel, it does not rely on erotism or touchy-feely moments. As the main character is struggling something as hard as having had an abusive husband, the author was careful enough to not play down with such matter. I will recommend this novel to anyone who wants to read something entertaining and meaningful, and in a very short time. Its best company is a cup of hot tea.