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Hi, my name is Dwayne Williams, anxiety-coach, author, and motivational speaker. Also, I go by the spiritual name AIM OG--which is an acronym for "An Inspired Man of God." Academically, I'm an undergraduate yet professionally I'm an expert! For over 25yrs, I've been coaching, teaching and training professionals, laypersons and people of all walks of life--helping them overcome their anxiety disorders. Yet does that make me an expert? According to Merriam Webster's 11th edition it defines an expert as, "Having, involving or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience." With over 25 years of experience and 25 years of training--I guess that makes me an expert!

In the fall of last year, I enter one of my works of expertise, "A Fear Not Degree Is Better Than A Ph.D. in the 2009 National Indies Excellence Awards. It was there where a pool of nationally respected journalists/editors crowned "A Fear Not Degree Is Better Than A Ph.D. with double first place honors/awards in both spirituality and religion.

Other books I have written of which are just as notable are Believe And Behold It Is!; Faith: An Unseen Fact; Proverbs of a Man Volumes 1 & 2; The Jesus Secret: The Hidden Truth First Edition; The Jesus Secret: The Hidden Truth -Revised Edition (Inside is a $10,000 Challenge!); A Fear Not Degree Is Better Than A Ph.D.pt 2--Brain Chemistry/Neurological Edition (coming soon); Also, I have just completed my latest works, "Anxiety Quotes & Excerpts" volumes 1-5. These books should be made available through SmashWords very soon. Stay Tuned!

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Your First Panic Attack
When a person first experience a panic attack--that is the most frightening thing a person can ever experience. Yet after this person has calmed down and the panic attack symptoms have tapered off--now this person has developed another form of fear refer to as "anticipatory anxiety. I hope this video helps to eliminate any future anxiety or panic attacks.


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