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I am blessed with an amazing husband, beautiful children (and now grandchildren), and friends who accept me for who I am (even when I don't know who that person is on occasions).
For my entire life--when I sleep--I dream full-length picture show quality dreams. When I was a child I lived in a wild and creative imaginary world (think along the lines of Tarzan, James Bond, Cleopatra). If I had put as much focus and effort into my school studies as I put into my play world, I would've gone a lot farther (further), and a lot sooner!
I will never proclaim proficiency with grammar (those of you who know me more intimately can attest to this). I thank God for critique groups (and patient people), without whom I am sure I would've given up long ago.
I can remember, clearly, the day I thought (flippantly--in hindsight), "I can do this thing called writing." LOL...ROTFLOL!!!!
Many years later, I have finished my second novel, a few articles, and I am more in love now with writing than I was then. Writers have the distinct privilege of playing Houdini. Escape artists. We hide behind our life experiences using characters that shield us from being "too vulnerable" in the public's eye.
Along the way I've had the honor of meeting some of the best writers I've ever read. I once heard a quote (it's not from me and I don't remember who wrote it), it went something like this, "The best book I've ever read was unpublished." How true those sentiments ring.
I was told, "Write it and it will be published." BAH!!!! Those days are gone. After a year of shooting for The Big Six (New York for those of you who aren't familiar), I'm DONE!!! It's Indie for me or bust.
So, I creep out on this branch over the waters of self publishing and dip my toes into the cool waters that beckon to me. All the while, hoping the limb I'm perched on doesn't crack and plunge into the murky waters below (sorry, couldn't help myself).

With All My Love,

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