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  • Brynin on Nov. 02, 2012

    I kept waiting for something useful to occur in this book. I've finished the book, and still, nothing useful. The story stops in the middle, but I'm not purchasing brynin 2 just to read the other half of the story (assuming it's just as badly written as this one). The story drags, has too many useless details, and will confuse most readers with the descriptions that try to convey futuristic happenings, but really only fall flat. I'd give this book a thumbs down, a single star, basically useless. If you're after a good read, skip this one. If you're excited by long drawn out descriptions, scenes of destruction, and complete lack of cause and effect, then by all means, purchase the book, but I think I'll skip anything by this author in the future.
  • Prince of Wolves, Book 1 The Grey Wolves Series on Oct. 31, 2013

    This was an excellent book, but honestly, a proofreader/editor could do wonders for readability. There's tons of typos, gramatical errors, and missing words from sentences, I almost gave up several times when reading this one. However, I did stick with it, and I'm glad I did. It truly is an excellent story, and despite the writing errors, I'm planning on continuing the series. I only hope the rest of the books are better edited than this one was. If this book hadn't been free, I'd have been extremely upset, and likely not purchased anything else by this author. But, since it was free, I don't feel cheated, and so as a result, will likely give the second book in the series a try. If it is better edited than this one, then I'll continue on, if it's as bad as this one, that will be the last book I'll ever read by this author. In summary, 5 stars for storyline, 1 star for gramitical content. If typos, grammar, and sentence structure aren't things that bother you when they crop up, then you'll love this book, no doubt. If these things do bother you, the book is still worth reading, but it's a whole lot less enjoyable as a result.