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Smashwords book reviews by Toni Steiner

  • Sought...Book 3 in the Brides of the Kindred series on July 10, 2011

    I do believe this series has gotten better and better. I love Ms. Anderson’s storytelling in this series. Normally you have a book in a series that basically stands alone within the series. In this series "Brides of the Kindred" you get more. You get the story of the main characters, but she weaves the other characters in so well you are just as anxious to hear about them. The characters and storylines are beautifully integrated. Kat O’Connor is a beautiful woman, though she does not see herself that way. Kat is lovely inside and out. All she sees is an overweight woman. Her past is burdened with the awful pain of her divorced parents. She vows never to allow herself to be put into a relationship that is filled with fighting and pain. Locks Tight and Stabs Deep are Twin Kindred. Twin brothers of light and dark. Locks is the light brother filled with kindness and understanding. He is lighter in coloring and temperament. Deep, the dark twin is brooding and intense. His hair is blue black just like his soul. While Lock showers Kat in love and peace, Deep bombards her with turmoil and angst. A past event of the brothers has tainted Deep in a profound way. He will never allow himself to forgive himself and allow his heart to feel again. Kat refuses to release her past and feel for the brothers. Lock is put in the middle of the situation. Loving his brother and Kat so strongly all he can do is hold onto the hope that someday they will all be together. “Sought” is a well written story that catapults us into the story of these three lovers. Their journey began in prior books of the story and I highly recommend that you read this series in order. Even though I knew they were going to be together. Ms. Anderson did a wonderful job keeping me guessing and made it very hard to put the book down. Action is nonstop, but you don’t feel like you need a break. The sex scenes are hot and up until the end you never really knew how “the act” would be accomplished. I sure didn’t see that one coming. Whew! Mix together action, suspense, and of course, throw in hot alien sex you have a creation of epic proportions. I personally cannot wait for the next and final installment of the Brides of the Kindred.
  • Slow Burn (Book 1 of the Fitzgerald Family) on July 22, 2011

    I’m giving “Slow Burn” 4.5 Stars. A tragic incident from the past brings two people together. One wants to find out the truth from that night and the other wants to move on and forget the ghosts of the past. Neither asked for the circumstances that shaped their lives, but both will persevere and become stronger because of it. Ashley Fitzgerald has a large loving family, but she is alone. She lost her parents in an awful fire a decade ago. She is only able to remember fragments of that night. It has haunted her for too long and she wants to move on, but is unable to. Her plan is to buy the property where her parents died and totally demolish the house, the memories and the pain. Ron Noble does not believe his father started the fire that killed him and Ashley’s parents. Ron has never really believed it. Now he is getting messages for him to investigate the fire. There are secrets buried and he is determined to find out what really happened the night his father died. Ashley’s name is mentioned in one of the notes and he is determined to find out what she knows. A mystery waiting to be solved a decade later brings these two people together. There is people out there that will do anything to keep the secrets buried. Ashley and Ron must work together to stay alive and to find the truth. People involved from that night are dying and Ashley and Ron are running out of time. “Slow Burn” is a great mystery. Sad circumstances bring these two heartbroken people together. While working side by side, they discover that they have more in common than just that night. Passion ignites hotter than the fire that ruined their lives. If they are not careful, they will get burned by the secrets of the past. I truly enjoyed “Slow Burn”. I’m normally not a big mystery fan, but the action and the romance kept me interested. Ms. Walters wrote amazing characters that kept me captivated and I just couldn’t tear myself away from them. “Slow Burn” was a real page turner for me and I can’t wait to read more about the amazing Fitzgerald family.