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Timothy N. Stelly is a novelist and screenwriter from northern California whose 2008 novel, HUMAN TRIAL (2008 All Things That Matter Press) is the first part of a sci-fi trilogy that tells the story of an alien thermal attack that decimates nearly all life on earth and the handful of every day Americans who are forced into a battle for earth’s survival. The book was nominated as a SORMag (Shades Of Romance Magazine) Book of the Year.

The sequel, HUMAN TRIAL II: ADAM’S WAR, was released in 2010 (All Things That Matter Press) and raised the question, “What is the bigger threat to man, a foreign invader or man himself? At the same time it is a story of hope, love and the American spirit. The final chapter in this saga, HUMAN TRIAL II: THE FINAL CONFLICT (2012 All Things That Matter Press), blends scifi, action-adventure, warfare and romance set against the backdrop of a rebuilding, but fragile America.

In 2011, his erotic comedy, NATHAN’S COUGAR (Secret Cravings Publishing) was published, and the sequel NATHAN’S COUGAR 2: RICKY’S RETURN is set to be published in May 2013.

In 2005, Stelly won First Prize in the Pout-erotica poetry contest for his erotic piece, C’mon Condi. He published his first poetry collection, CLASSIC STELLYISM in December 2012.

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A tale of alien invasion, thermal warfare and the gritty band of Americans who fight not only to survive, but save the earth!


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    (no rating)
    Author E, Joyce Moore’s Clap is a relationship primer that falls into the category of “essential read” for both males and females. It is not only a walk through the labyrinthine nuances of burgeoning romance, but a safety primer—physical and psychologically, an emotional life preserver. It’s a most-useful read for young women who too often ignore or fail to recognize the warning signs of a dangerous dilemma. Like a person in a crowded nightclub who smells smoke, too many of the eager for love will try and squeeze in one last dance rather than heed the warning and head for the exit. The end result if one does make it out, its only after being trampled. Moore covers a variety of topics including online dating, first dates and dealing with a loved ones family members. Not a wasted word and even if you’ve heard some of it before, its doubtful it was as concise and eloquently worded as this. This is not a one-sided piece aimed at “females only.” Moore uses frank language applicable to men and women and bashes no one. The author notes the necessity of men also keeping their eyes and options open and presents an opportunity for self-analysis and growth rather than a balls-shrinking look in the mirror. Let’s be blunt: this piece has the potential to save lives by pointing out the pitfalls of pursuit. It is a b.s.-detector that provides a warning against pretty boys with ugly habits and women “too good to be true” and aren’t. Here is clear-cut language detailing the warning signs of abusive people, sans the clinical and clichéd analysis. Seldom have I used the expression “keeping it real” in a more applicable context. This ain’t fairy tale, folks. Reality bites with the power of a pit bull. We’ve all seen people who’ve become conveniently color-blind and ignored the red flags: He/She has issues, but they’re so fine/rich or whatnot. Moore points out the danger of “but…” using seasoned reasoning and shows why this attitude is the emotional equivalent of hang-gliding near power lines while drunk and blindfolded. Kudos to an author unafraid to wear her heart and her brain on her sleeve.